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Printing of recharge card is a lucrative business that can make you rich within a short period of time. You don’t need to go for seminar or purchase any materials before you can start recharge card business because if a primary school boy should read this post, am sure he will be able to start a recharge card business. In this post, you will learn how you can be printing recharge card yourself, the price quotations of each recharge cards denominations, and you will also be given the contact of dealers of recharge cards.
Recharge card business can be done in two different ways:
1. It can either be done with computer, printer, software and internet connection. Or
2. Without software, computer, internet connection, printer and electricity.
1. A computer ( laptop or desktop)
2. Access to internet
3. The recharge card printing software
4. Printer
5. The recharge pins from the dealer.
N/B if you are not having a computer of your own, you can use a cyber café or business center with internet connection with the printing software on it.
The following steps will help you set up the business
1.Get a connected computer
2.Register with one of the dealers
You will be given a software, download it on your computer
Order for the recharge pins through their website and pay the amount required into their bank account
After payment, send your payment details to them to notify them of your payment. For example the teller number, your phone number, email address, the network you are purchasing, and any other information required on their website.
After you payment has been verified, they will send you encrypted pins. N: B- these pins can only be read by the company’s software sent to you earlier.
Finally, use the software to print out your cards.
N/B You don’t need to be a computer literate before you start your own recharge card business, you can start with as little as #90,000. You can be using a trusted cyber café or business center pending the time you will be able to purchase your own personal computer. Recharge card printing business can be making you more than #200,000 monthly. It all depends on how hard working you are.
You may be wondering how you will make sales with this business, you can be selling you printed cards to
1. Recharge card vendors
2. GSM phoning booth
3. Individuals.
If you are busy person, you can get a sales rep that will be going around with the recharge card selling it.
You are now having the information that will be assisting you in making at least #200,000 monthly. Most people are having the right information to making money, but the problem they have is that they will never take action. I know after reading this guide some people will take action and some won’t. The choice is yours.if this post has helped u feel free to share and comment.God bless you.

How to Learn Recharge Card Printing Business
I have been into the business for some time now and I have taught many people and helped them in starting. Due to great demand from my students and others trying to learn the business, I had to write a short downloadable guide that explains everything about the business and how to go about starting up on your own.
I actually intend to sell this guide for a high price but I have not officially launched it yet because I wanted to first offer it exclusively to visitors of this website so for now I am running a bonanza.
When I launch the ebook, I plan to sell it for N4,000 but if you buy it now I will give you for just N2,500
YesN2,500(not N4,000) for the first 20 people to place their order. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see how to order and pay for this e-guide.